About Alice

Hi…I’m Alice and I write children’s books.    I grew up in the woods in East Tennessee.   I also grew up to magical Disney movies where good triumphed anMom & Dad's homed evil was defeated.  My cousin was the voice of Sleeping Beauty in the Disney movie.  My parents were Southern Baptists but they never attempted to squelch the magic spun by the Disney stories..maybe I can credit this to the role played by my cousin.  But what resulted was that my brother, sister and I would play in the woods and make believe our own fairy tales.   We even had our own castle made out of fallen trees stacked upon each other.  This childhood graced me with an imagination.   The woods are all around my childhood home as seen in the picture above.  This setting sparked my creativity and I write.  I hope you enjoy my books.

Captain Daddy illustration by Jessie

Captain Daddy and the Little Sailors on their way to daycare.

Three picture books soon to be published:  Captain Daddy and the Little Sailors.  A story of how Daddy takes care of his children while the Mother is on a business trip.  They pretend they are on a trip too…on a ship!

A Tail of Trouble.  One little girl imagines a new imaginary friend to come to the rescue of the one she already has.

The Tornado Kids.  A story of rambunctious cousins who come to stay the summer.

Under Production. The Firefly Trilogy.